Event Coordinating Services

Blue Room Events can be hired to do everything from helping locate event vendors to mailing invitations to taking RSVP's for the event. Following is a partial list of Blue Room Events services:

  • Assist the client with finding appropriate event locations
  • Assist the client in identifying appropriate event date and location
  • Assist in the selection of event vendors
  • Act as a liaison and manage the relationship between the client and event vendors
  • Act as a liaison between the client and event attendees
  • Control, manipulate and manage event databases
  • Work with the client to create all printed materials related to the event
  • Work with the client to create proper ticket rates and sponsorship levels for fundraising events
  • Help the client create and follow a timeline for the event
  • Help the client create and follow a budget for the event
  • Track and manage all RSVP's and reservations for the event
  • Track all incoming money for fundraising events
  • Act as a mailing house for invitations and solicitation letters
  • Create the ticketing system for an event and create custom online RSVP system
  • Coordinate and work with the client on seating for an event
  • Work with the client to streamline auction closeouts
  • Work with client to reach fundraising goals
  • Strategize with client to identify potential event sponsors
  • General event consulting

We have created a service-rich event firm that caters to our clients' individual needs. As a service based business, the needs of the client and our relationship with the client are of the utmost importance. We want the client to enjoy our working relationship and believe that they have saved a tremendous amount of time, money and energy by hiring Blue Room Events. We want the client to walk away from their event with the feeling that the investment spent in hiring our firm was worthwhile. We understand that each client has individual needs and as such they require different services from Blue Room Events. We excel at accommodating each individual client's wishes.

Our thinking is simple. We have the necessary skills, drive and motivation to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We have established our reputations in the event industry and will use our invaluable relationships to make your events thrive.

-Geneva Gmelich O'Brien and Amy Price Staszkow


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